Email List Support

We support the following types of email lists: CSV files (either comma or tab delimited), Text files (such as .txt), and Excel files (.xls or .xlsx). We also support zip files, which can contain any of the above file formats.

Each list can support over 100 columns.

We support email lists of all sizes - from a couple of records to over 10 million!

Our list verification process

We utilize multiple verification steps to ensure your email data is verified


- Checks for and removes duplicate email entries in your email list

- Syntax checking of the email address to ensure it is valid

- DNS and MX level checks to see if the domain exists and accepts mail

- Checks against obvious typos in email addresses

- Verify if the email domain is from a disposable email account

- Detects if the domain is pointed to a parking page site

- Has the person filed an email complaint in the past

- Is the domain part of our complaint database

- Check is the email a role account such as abuse@, admin@, noc@

- Is the email address a bot/non human

- Checks against our master hard bounce file data from multiple isp's and esp's

- SMTP level check up until the point of actually sending the email to see if the email address is valid